Your Tiny House Builder can build almost anything you can dream of. After all, Tiny Houses are the new American Dream!

We've been in business for 35 years and we build your custom Tiny House from our manufacturing facility in Clarksdale, Arizona and we do offer delivery. We are also pleased to offer tours of our facility upon request.

A tiny house has a small footprint, so it doesn’t require a large plot of land. In addition, many small houses are built on trailers, so their owners can take them along whenever they move to a new city. For many people, this is a way to enjoy a life on the road without giving up all the comforts of home. A tiny house is easy to take care of. With less space to clean and fewer appliances to repair, tiny house owners can spend less time on chores and more on their work, hobbies, and relationships.

Our tiny house plans, small house plans, and mid-size house plans can also be modified, as well as feature a different style of architecture than what is currently featured on the plans and the renderings for the plans. We charge by the hour to create new elevations and renderings for our stock plans. We also do our best to match the exterior facade on your existing main house if you're interested in adding a guest home or home office in your back yard. We can also attach garages, or carports to any of our current plans

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We are proud builders of Tiny Houses in Arizona.

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We'd love to build your tiny house! We build them in our Clarkdale, Arizona manufacturing plant and we can ship them to anywhere in the U.S.

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